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“Noble Hearts"


An illustration done in Acrylic of CS Lewis’s masterpiece series “The Chronicles of Narnia” by Aislinn Nadeau from Aislinn’s North Productions. After sailing the seas to the Eastern End of the world they arrive at the gateway of Aslan’s country. Reepicheep, known for his bravery and devotion to Aslan decided to put down his sword and enter the peace of the new world. 


Reepicheep cleared his throat. “Your Eminence. Ever since I can remember, I have always dreamed of seeing your country. I’ve had many adventures in this world but nothing has dampened that yearning. I know I am hardly worthy but with your permission I would lay down my sword with joy of seeing your country with my own eyes.”

Aslan smiled at Reepicheep. “My country was made for noble hearts such as yours, no matter how small their bearers are.”


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Original Noble Hearts

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  • 7-14 Business Days

  • 24inch w X 16inch h

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